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METAL-PRIME RED-OX™ Red Iron Oxide Rusted Metal Sealer & Primer

Waterproofing Rust Encapsulating Primer

METAL-PRIME RED-OX™ is a multi-purpose, waterborne latex, waterproofing red iron oxide primer sealer. It encapsulates rust and prevents oxygen from reaching the surface and stops rust expansion in its tracks.

Nationwide Coatings During Metal Prime Spraying
Nationwide Coatings After Metal Prime Spraying

Waterborne High Solids Zinc Rich Formula

Formulated with an optimum high solids blend of Zinc and Corrosion Resistant Pigments in a 100% Acrylic Waterproofing Resin base. A environmentally friendly, low V.O.C. mixture with low odor for interior or exterior use. This primer has been sealing rust for over 30 years and demonstrates the same level of performance as the “old” Red Lead and Zinc Chromate Primers.

Bonds to Most Any Clean and Dry Metal Surface

METAL-PRIME RED-OX™ has excellent adhesion to most any metal surface DTM and does not require labor intensive grinding and sanding of the existing rusted metal surface. As a true encapsulating primer you can coat over existing rust that wasn't removed during pressure cleaning.

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Nationwide Coatings Metal-Prime Before
Nationwide Coatings Metal-Prime Primed
Nationwide Coatings Metal-Prime After Coating

Superior Mold, Mildew and Fungi Resistance

METAL-PRIME™ has superior mold, mildew and fungi resistance. It can be left exposed or top coated with a finish coat. It also provides excellent protection in some harsh & challenging environments all over the world.

Easy Application and Water Clean Up

It has all the advantages of solvent-based metal primers without the use of hazardous solvents. Easy application and cleans up while still wet with soap and water so your equipment is ready to spray the top coat the next day!

Spread Rate: 100-150 Square Feet Per Gallon

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