The Ultimate Shingle Sealer

Shingle Sealer is a Clear Gloss Waterproofing Roof Sealer, designed to effectively penetrate porous surfaces to preserve, protect and beautify. This sealer consists of 100% Acrylic Resin combined with special additives that retard algae, mold, and mildew. It reduces harmful water intrusion of the shingle surface by sealing most cracks, crevices and pores to sheet water off and provide an inadequate environment for mold, mildew, and algae to grow and blemish the roof.

Energy Star Paints and Coatings for Shipping Container Homes

There is something going on across the country and it is a renewed focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable living. Repurposed shipping containers can meet these needs as well as provide home buyers an alternative to traditional housing options. Nationwide offers over 100 environmentally safe, architectural paints and waterproofing coatings, including our ceramic filled, elastomeric acrylic, insulating and soundproofing paints and coatings to be used with the containers for industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Nationwide Protective Coating Mfrs., Inc. is Celebrating 55 Years of Manufacturing Excellence! Getting Greener by the Gallon!

Nationwide Protective Coating Mfrs., Inc. is Celebrating 55 Years of Manufacturing Excellence! An Industry Leader in Elastomeric Waterproofing Insulating Ceramic Protective Paints and Coatings.

Bus-Kote Recreational Vehicle Roof Coating

Nationwide Protective Coating Mfrs., Inc is best known for our superior lineup of Elastomeric Acrylic, Reflective, Energy Saving and Insulating Ceramic Waterproofing Coatings available worldwide since 1964. We also service the growing Recreational Vehicle market and have developed the best RV and Bus Coatings available!

In House Graphic Design Art Department and Label Printing Press Release

NATIONWIDE PROTECTIVE COATING MFRS., INC. has an In-House Graphic Design Art Department that offers private labeling, custom graphics, and logo design for most of their products. Custom labeling introduces to customers the idea of brand loyalty, lower pricing, higher margins and an exclusive product. We want you to be a success and we will help you in your marketing and sales to help assure your results. NATIONWIDE PROTECTIVE COATING MFRS., INC. pride themselves on being service driven and view customers as valued partnerships. They offer a complete line of over 100 GREEN PRODUCTS, environmentally safe, architectural paints and coatings.

ColorActiv Technology Brings Extreme Durability, High Reflectivity, Energy Savings and Increased Color Fade Resistance to Our Coatings

Nationwide Protective Coating Mfrs., Inc. has recently introduced COOL COLORS with ColorActiv® Technology, a new color pigment system of Highly Reflective, Energy Saving Colorants with Excellent Fade Resistance. These color pigments were originally designed for Military applications. The reduction in surface temperatures provided stealth capabilities against thermographic heat seeking radars to Military vehicles and structures.

Increasing Warranty Announcement

Increasing Warranty Announcement Nationwide Protective Coatings Manufacturers Inc., a Global Leader in Elastomeric Waterproofing Insulating Ceramic Paints and Coatings, has a tremendous announcement regarding our Warranty Programs.

PERMASIL™ Product Announcement

Nationwide Protective Coatings Mfrs., Inc. would like to showcase our latest product added to the PERMAPRODUCT™ Line. Introducing PERMASIL™, our NEW Silicone infused Bright White Elastomeric Acrylic, Ceramic Insulating, Waterproofing Protective Roof Coating with a 15 Year Warranty.

Nationwide Coatings New Website Press Release

Finally, the completion of our new website has come to fruition! Nationwide Protective Coatings Mfrs., Inc., an industry leader in environmentally friendly Energy Star elastomeric waterproofing insulating ceramic paints and coatings, is proud to announce the launch of our new website: