2021 Color of the Year for Nationwide Coatings is Cool Canteloupe 2088T

The 2021 Color of the Year from our exclusive Nationwide Protective Coatings Fan Deck is Cool Canteloupe 2088T. Understated, yet bold, it is a color from nature and is sure to uplift spirits in the new year. This color works great as an interior or exterior option, pairing well with organic earthy materials like stone and wood finishes. Complete the aesthetically pleasing look by using some neutral whites on the trim and accents to add crisp freshness to the project.

PERMASIL PLUS™ Silicone Flat Roof Coating All New Product Announcement

Nationwide Protective Coatings is always working on providing the best options in the industry for elastomeric roof coatings. At this time, we are expanding our roof coating lineup for elastomeric applications to include PERMASIL PLUS™. PERMASIL PLUS™ is a Matte Finish, Bright White, Elastomeric Acrylic Silicone, Protective Roof Coating. It is a water-based, high build formula that possesses Silicone Technology for exceptional water resistance. Using Silicone Resin along with Acrylic Resin in a proprietary blend adds extra waterproofing protection to the already impressive performance of our acrylic coatings.

Made in the USA by Nationwide Protective Coating Mfrs Inc.

Nationwide Protective Coatings is finishing up our 56th year manufacturing paints and coatings in Sarasota, Florida. Over the years we have grown from a small manufacturer supplying our local contractors with high quality paint to a company with both domestic and international reach, delivering our products to all corners of the globe. Nationwide Protective Coatings has been able to accomplish this through hard work, determination, unique marketing and creating some of the best paints and coatings made right here in the good ol’ USA.

How to Waterproof Basements? Nationwide Coatings Basement Sealers

Nationwide Protective Coatings is best known for producing our Space Age Ceramic Filled Paints and Elastomeric Coatings. We do provide additional products to take care of most structures and other issues within them that may arise. Leaky, damp and wet basements tend to make themselves known amid the summer rainy seasons and freeze/thaw cycles in the winter that take place. If you have gone into your basement recently to discover some moisture present, on the walls or floors, a masonry waterproofing coating may be needed to hold back hydrostatic pressure.

PERMASTIK™ Premium Roof Repair Tape Product Announcement

Nationwide Protective Coatings is always working on providing the best options in the industry for roof coating solutions. At this time, Nationwide Coatings is expanding our seam tape options for roof coating applications. In addition to our PERMATAPE™ polyester seam tape products, we are expanding our product lineup to include PERMASTIK™, a NEW self-adhesive fleece back seam tape manufactured with thermoplastic elastomers in 4”x 50’ rolls.

All New PERMAPRODUCTS Lineup Announcement

Nationwide Protective Coating Manufacturers Inc., has developed a new product lineup for 2020. Our PERMAPRODUCTS Line, consisting of Acrylic Elastomeric, Insulating Ceramic, Waterproofing Protective Roof Coating Systems designed for any roof. This includes our improved PERMAKOTE® Roof Coating, SHINGLE SEALER™ for shingle roofs as well as our All New PERMAGLAZE™ Tile Roof Sealer. The PERMAPRODUCT Lineup, including our Elastomeric Roof Coatings and Caulks, as well as Clear and Semi-Transparent Sealers providing superior reflectivity, mildew resistance, energy saving and soundproofing. These outstanding products have both transferable and renewable warranties ranging from 7-20 years, are available in beautiful finishes and custom colors and are ready for contractors and home owners alike.

Nationwide Coatings Website Renovations

Nationwide Protective Coatings is always focused on improving our client and customer experience. Whether this is through improvements with our extensive product line of over 150 eco-friendly paint and coating products, improving policies and procedures or the interface we interact with the most, our website, www.nationwidecoatings.com. It is this website, www.nationwidecoatings.com, we have dedicated our resources over the past year to improve and better streamline our informational content and make it easier to navigate and find the solutions needed to complete your projects. Whether they may be projects around the house or large scale construction projects throughout the globe. Our website can help facilitate the completion of projects anywhere in the world, on time and under budget!

Nationwide Protective Coatings Covid - 19 Preparedness

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we are taking measures to ensure health and well-being. One of the ways to contain the spread of COVID-19 is to limit contact with others and time spent in public places. For these reasons we are temporarily limiting the way you can order and receive product. Nationwide Protective Coatings is still operating our freight and delivery services worldwide, however, our local access to our facility has changed recently and we wanted to update everyone. Effective immediately you must call-in your order and we will provide contactless pickup. We will still maintain standard operating hours: Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm*

Where to Find Tile Roof Sealers?

Nationwide Protective Coatings has been manufacturing paints and coatings in Florida since 1964. Over the years we have witnessed the growth of Mediterranean style tile roofs across the state. These roofs provide superb lifespans for harsh climates and have been a great option for home owners. However, the amount of punishing UV Rays and severe storm weathering means when it is time to replace a tile roof, they typically can be the most expensive, usually tens of thousands of dollars. Nationwide Protective Coatings has heard these concerns and developed a FANTASTIC NEW PRODUCT FOR SLOPED TILE ROOFS! PERMAGLAZE™!

Nationwide Protective Coating Mfrs., Inc. is Celebrating 56 Years of Manufacturing Excellence!

Nationwide Protective Coating Mfrs., Inc. is celebrating 56 years of Manufacturing Excellence! An Industry Leader in Elastomeric Waterproofing Insulating Ceramic Protective Paints and Coatings. Since our inception in 1964, we have had a solid commitment to building strong relationships with our clients and customers. We pride ourselves on being service driven and view customers as valued partners.

Are there Mobile Home Roof Coatings?

Mobile and Manufactured Homes have to deal with some issues when it comes to the elements and environmental forces of nature. Nationwide Protective Coatings has been producing Elastomeric Paints and Coatings since 1964 right here in the state of Florida, products that stand up to hurricane force wind driven rains and storms, and protecting structures from torrential weathering. We are proud to introduce our BRAND NEW "MOBILE HOME ROOF COATING" product, specifically designed to perform in the harshest climates and protect your investment and home for years to come.

What is Nationwide's All New Green Safe Program?

Nationwide Protective Coatings Manufacturers Inc., is a private paint and coating manufacturer located in Sarasota, Florida. Since 1964, Nationwide has been an industry leader, producing water based products with Zero and Low Level V.O.C. contents. Today we have a tremendous new announcement on our development of a cutting edge program to demonstrate our commitment to a green new world, Nationwide's Green Safe Program!

What is a Radiant Barrier and How does it Work?

It is hot outside in the summer months and all of us would like to stay a little cooler and save some money on those expensive electrical bills. Typically, we look at our Permakote® Elastomeric Roof Coating System as the best defense against radiant energy from the sun, but what if I told you there was another option to stack with the coatings to provide the best defense out there?

What is LIQUI-TARP Storm Damaged Fast Roof Repair?

We have all seen the devastation storms today can bring with them, sometimes leveling the town without notice, other times, it does just enough to damage your property and deplete the resources to fix or repair anything for an extended period of time. As severe storms and hurricanes have become more prevalent, the need for a quick and lasting repair to the damaged and leaking roofs is a necessity! LIQUI-TARP® is an easy to use and easy to apply coating that will secure, protect, waterproof and seal damaged roofs. Contractors and insurance companies do not have the manpower to provide prompt, efficient relief and protection from further damage to storm victims. This is where Liqui-Tarp is a dependable solution!

Green Since 1964 and Still Getting Greener By The Gallon!

Nationwide Protective Coatings is a leader in the Elastomeric Ceramic Coatings Industry and has a long standing commitment to environmentally friendly "Green" products. Nationwide began producing waterborne paints and coatings in 1964 and most all of our products have No Odor V.O.C. levels below the standard established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Do I really need to use a Primer?

When is the last time you heard "plumb like a pro?" No one is a plumber but everyone is a painter? Many recent improvements in paint and coating technology has made it seem as if the primer coat may not be necessary.

What are the Differences between Roof Coatings and Roof Paints?

What are the differences between White Roof Coating and White Paint? Many folks feel that a white roof coating is simply white paint. Stop right there; roof coatings are significantly different than your typical house paint.

How Do I Restore my Shingle Roof?

Shingle Sealer is a Clear Gloss Waterproofing Roof Sealer, designed to effectively penetrate porous surfaces to preserve, protect and beautify. This sealer consists of 100% Acrylic Resin combined with special additives that retard algae, mold, and mildew. It reduces harmful water intrusion of the shingle surface by sealing most cracks, crevices and pores to sheet water off and provide an inadequate environment for mold, mildew, and algae to grow and blemish the roof.

Are There Energy Star Paints and Coatings for Shipping Container Homes?

There is something going on across the country and it is a renewed focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable living. Repurposed shipping containers can meet these needs as well as provide home buyers an alternative to traditional housing options. Nationwide offers over 100 environmentally safe, architectural paints and waterproofing coatings, including our ceramic filled, elastomeric acrylic, insulating and soundproofing paints and coatings to be used with the containers for industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Nationwide Protective Coating Mfrs., Inc. is Celebrating 55 Years of Manufacturing Excellence! Getting Greener by the Gallon!

Nationwide Protective Coating Mfrs., Inc. is Celebrating 55 Years of Manufacturing Excellence! An Industry Leader in Elastomeric Waterproofing Insulating Ceramic Protective Paints and Coatings.

Bus-Kote Recreational Vehicle Roof Coating

Nationwide Protective Coating Mfrs., Inc is best known for our superior lineup of Elastomeric Acrylic, Reflective, Energy Saving and Insulating Ceramic Waterproofing Coatings available worldwide since 1964. We also service the growing Recreational Vehicle market and have developed the best RV and Bus Coatings available!

In House Graphic Design Art Department and Label Printing Press Release

NATIONWIDE PROTECTIVE COATING MFRS., INC. has an In-House Graphic Design Art Department that offers private labeling, custom graphics, and logo design for most of their products. Custom labeling introduces to customers the idea of brand loyalty, lower pricing, higher margins and an exclusive product. We want you to be a success and we will help you in your marketing and sales to help assure your results. NATIONWIDE PROTECTIVE COATING MFRS., INC. pride themselves on being service driven and view customers as valued partnerships. They offer a complete line of over 100 GREEN PRODUCTS, environmentally safe, architectural paints and coatings.

Are there Fade Resistant Paints and Coatings? Check Out COOL COLORS with ColorActiv Technology!

Nationwide Protective Coating Mfrs., Inc. has recently introduced COOL COLORS with ColorActiv® Technology, a new color pigment system of Highly Reflective, Energy Saving Colorants with Excellent Fade Resistance. These color pigments were originally designed for Military applications. The reduction in surface temperatures provided stealth capabilities against thermographic heat seeking radars to Military vehicles and structures.

Elastomeric Coatings Increasing Warranty Announcement

Nationwide Protective Coatings Manufacturers Inc., a Global Leader in Elastomeric Waterproofing Insulating Ceramic Paints and Coatings, has a tremendous announcement regarding our Warranty Programs. Our Research & Development Team is constantly working hard at improving our coatings through rigorous testing and evaluations. Hand in hand with R&D and real world performance of our coatings, NPCMI has once again increased the Warranty lengths of our Elastomeric Waterproofing, Insulating Ceramic Protective Roof and Wall Coatings. These new Warranties are available immediately. Nationwide Protective Coatings Manufacturers Inc., a Global Leader in Elastomeric Waterproofing Insulating Ceramic Paints and Coatings, has a tremendous announcement regarding our Warranty Programs.

PERMASIL Product Announcement

Nationwide Protective Coatings Mfrs., Inc. would like to showcase our latest product added to the PERMAPRODUCT™ Line. Introducing PERMASIL™, our NEW Silicone infused Bright White Elastomeric Acrylic, Ceramic Insulating, Waterproofing Protective Roof Coating with a 15 Year Warranty.

Nationwide Coatings New Website Press Release

Finally, the completion of our new website has come to fruition! Nationwide Protective Coatings Mfrs., Inc., an industry leader in environmentally friendly Energy Star elastomeric waterproofing insulating ceramic paints and coatings, is proud to announce the launch of our new website: www.NationwideCoatings.com