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PERMAKOTE® Insulating Ceramic Elastomeric Roof Coating

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Our most popular elastomeric roof coating is available in a beautiful smooth matte finish that can be color tinted to most fan deck or custom colors for a truly unique look. Get the curb appeal finish you desire on your next roof project.

Nationwide Coatings Permakote on a Metal Roof
Nationwide Coatings Permakote on a Shingle Roof
Nationwide Coatings Permakote on a Tile Roof

The addition of a proprietary blend of ceramic microspheres as part of the coating production process helps to form a monolithic seamless coating possessing a ceramic shield of protection that expands and contracts with varying temperatures as well as excellent resistance to thermal shock.

Permakote® Elastomeric Roof Coating can improve the energy efficiency of most structures by reflecting the UV rays from the sun and not absorbing the heat and energy into the building making it easier to keep cool in those hot summer months. Using the highest quality raw materials and no cheap fillers means the best results for your roof.

Nationwide Coatings Untinted Permakote on a Tile Roof
Nationwide Coatings Permakote Tinted Blue  on a Tile Roof

Nationwide’s Permakote® is specifically designed to perform in tough climates and extend the life of aging roofs. It has elastomeric waterproofing properties on most pitched roofs regardless of the substrate roof material for a lasting solution. Superior mold and mildew protection helps keep your roof cleaner for longer and a cleaner roof provides the most UV reflectivity and helps extend the overall life and longevity of your roof for years to come.

Low VOC and environmentally friendly water-based coatings mean no harsh chemicals to complicate application procedures or breaking down your equipment at the end of the day. Just wash it out with soap and water and it is ready for the next project!

Spread Rate: 100-150 Square Feet Per Gallon


  • Technical Data
  • Solids By Weight: 63%
  • Weight Per Gallon: 11.9 lbs.
  • V.O.C.: 77 g/l

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