Individual Product Testing from Nationwide Coatings

At NATIONWIDE PROTECTIVE COATINGS, we put our products through the most innovative, rigorous testing to make sure you have the best products in quality and price. Our state of the art manufacturing facility in Sarasota, Florida, produces all of our paints and coatings. Our on-site research and development laboratory and technical staff makes sure all materials pass quality control and are within specifications and legislative guidelines.

Product Testing Reports:

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Equivalent R-Value

Includes: Snowbrite™, Insulkote™ , Permakote®, Permakote® Plus, Ultra Kote™, Ultra Kote™ XL

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Salt Spray(Fog) Testing

Includes: Permakote®, Permakote® Plus, Snowbrite®, Ultra Seal®

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Bleed Through Testing

Includes: Super Block™

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Chemical Resistance of Coatings

Includes: Permakote®, Permakote® Plus, Ultra Seal™, Ultra Kote™, and Ultra Tex™

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Class A Fire Rating (NFPA 101 Life Safety Code)

Includes: Ultra Seal™, Perma1Kote®, Permagard™, Permakote® Plus, and Permakote®.

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Mildew and Algea Resistance

Includes: Ultra Seal™, Permakote® and Permakote® Plus

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Energy Star Products

Includes: Insulkote™, Permakote®, Perma1Kote®, Permagard™, Permakote® Plus, Permakote® Semi-Gloss, Snowbrite™, Ultra Kote™, Ultra Kote™ XL, Ultra Seal™

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Ceramic Insulation Performance & Crack Resistance

Includes: Ultra Seal™

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