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When is the last time you heard “plumb like a pro?” No one is a plumber but everyone is a painter?

Many recent improvements in paint and coating technology has made it seem as if the primer coat may not be necessary. After all, “not having to prime” and “One Coat Application” has become an advertising approach to show the growth in the performance and quality of paints on the market today.

Let's not forget, Primer is a critical part of the painting process. It helps prepare and seal the surface substrate so a consistent uniform topcoat is applied. Jumping right in with the top coat paint often impacts the finish look and the performance of the paint or coating system. If you do not prime, you'll spend more time painting and will use additional paint in the thirstier sections of the substrate. All this means having to repaint sooner and it ends up costing more in the long run, so it has always been recommended to do the job the right way to begin with, and use a superior primer for the job at hand. Find out which primers are available for roofs here and our other primers can be found here as well 

While general use primers are still stocked on most store shelves, developments in the specialty primer market, along with newer substrates being used in construction, have opened opportunities with new projects. The needs for specialty primers exist for many reasons, whether it is to improve adhesion on slick surfaces, improved sealing for more uniform finishes, high build options to smooth out rough substrates, stain blocking to contain any bleed through potential or rust treatment.

Here at Nationwide Protective Coatings we make a plethora of the best primers on the market, whatever the jobsite is throwing at you, Nationwide has a solution! Give us a call and let's get some projects done together!