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NATIONWIDE PROTECTIVE COATING MANUFACTURERS, INC., was established in 1964 as a private manufacturer to meet the needs of contractors and painters in the vicinity of Bradenton, Florida. Progressively word spread about the quality, price, innovation and reputation of NATIONWIDE's products. The introduction of Ceramic Technology launched a small scale operation into a major undertaking. Our NEW State of the Art Manufacturing Facility in Sarasota, Florida has more than tripled our capacity to serve the industry. Today, NATIONWIDE is one of the fastest growing Architectural Paint and Coating Manufacturers in the nation, striving to be one of the largest. Nationwide's success in the International Coatings Market is growing rapidly and currently exports products to a vast number of different countries.

What is V.O.C. Free?

Nationwide Protective Coating Mfrs., Inc. a leader in the Elastomeric Ceramic Coatings Industry, has a long standing commitment to environmentally friendly “green” products. Nationwide began producing waterborne (rather than solvent based) paints and coatings in 1964 and most all of our products have V.O.C. contents below the standard established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

To further our contribution to a Green World, Nationwide has introduced a GREEN SAFE PROGRAM by adding our new Green Safe Product Technology Seal to the labels of all of our products that meet or exceed the standards set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. In addition, our R&D Department is busily working to create new, even safer coatings, that contain Zero V.O.C.s. Our newest True Green Products are our ENVIRO-3000® Interior and ENVIRO-4000® Exterior Zero V.O.C. Ceramic Paints. We call them True Green because, while both the United States and the European Union have set acceptable V.O.C. levels, we have gone a step further, eliminating all V.O.C. contents from these products.
Enviro 3000 Bucket - Nationwide Protective Coatings

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PERMASIL™ Product Announcement

Nationwide Protective Coatings Mfrs., Inc. would like to showcase our latest product added to the PERMAPRODUCT™ Line. Introducing PERMASIL™, our NEW Silicone infused Bright White Elastomeric Acrylic, Ceramic Insulating, Waterproofing Protective Roof Coating with a 15 Year Warranty.

Where are Nationwide Products Used?



Hurlburt Field, Florida

Acrathane in use, Hurlburt Airfield - Nationwide Protective Coatings


Permakote Before Mexico Factory - Nationwide Protective Coatings
Permakote Before MExico Factory - Nationwide Protective Coatings

Hazelwood, Missouri

Deck Guardian Before - Nationwide Protective Coatings
Deck Guardian After - Nationwide Protective Coatings

Sarasota, Florida

Snow Brite Before - Nationwide Protective Coatings
Snow Brite After - Nationwide Protective Coatings

Indianapolis, Indiana

Metalux Before - Nationwide Protective Coatings
Metalux After - Nationwide Protective Coatings

Siesta Key, Florida

Ultra Seal Before - Nationwide Protective Coatings
Ultra Seal After - Nationwide Protective Coatings


Ultra Seal Before - Nationwide Protective Coatings
Ultra Seal After - Nationwide Protective Coatings

Miami, Florida

Permakote Goya Building - Nationwide Protective Coatings
Permakote Sazon Building - Nationwide Protective Coatings

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai After Enviropoxy - Nationwide Protective Coatings
Dubai After Enviropoxy - Nationwide Protective Coatings

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