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Nationwide Protective Coatings is finishing up our 56th year manufacturing paints and coatings in Sarasota, Florida. Over the years we have grown from a small manufacturer supplying our local contractors with high quality paint to a company with both domestic and international reach, delivering our products to all corners of the globe.

Nationwide Protective Coatings has been able to accomplish this through hard work, determination, unique marketing and creating some of the best paints and coatings made right here in the good ol’ USA.

Our manufacturing process begins with formulating and creating our extensive, eco-friendly products using the highest quality raw materials produced in the United States of America. We also have been purchasing our facility equipment from American sourced suppliers over the years and find this benefits our community as well.

The benefits to buying and supplying American made products is vitally important to our economy, environment and benefits the consumer as well. Another positive of creating items domestically is that just in time production means lower overhead and savings that can be passed on to the end user.

There are other ways to consider global impact beyond just sustainable materials. Domestic manufacturers in the USA are also held to higher quality, environmental and safety standards. Choosing products Made in the USA also reduce overall carbon emissions and fuel delivery costs lowering the impact on the environment.

As an American Paint and Coating Manufacturer, Nationwide Protective Coatings is pushing into a new era leading the way in “make American and buy American.” We look forward to providing our extensive catalog of products for years to come where there is demand for the best Made in the USA paints and coatings available. Reach us at to learn more!