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In the realm of roofing solutions, longevity and reliability are paramount. Today, We’re thrilled to delve into the world of silicone roof coatings and shed light on an exciting development: the extension of the warranty period for PERMASIL PLUS™ Silicone Roof Coating from Nationwide Protective Coatings.

Nationwide Coatings has long been recognized for our commitment to quality and innovation in the roofing industry. PERMASIL PLUS™ Silicone Roof Coating stands out as a premium solution for protecting commercial and residential properties against the elements. With its exceptional waterproofing capabilities, UV resistance, and long-term durability, PERMASIL PLUS™ has become a trusted choice for building owners and contractors.

Now, we are taking our dedication to customer satisfaction a step further by extending the warranty period for PERMASIL PLUS™ from 10 to 12 years with our new PERMASIL PLUS™ PRIMER. This enhancement reflects not only the confidence we have in our silicone but also our unwavering commitment to providing customers with peace of mind and long-lasting roof protection.

So, what does this extended warranty mean for property owners and managers? It signifies two additional years of guaranteed performance and support. In an industry where durability is paramount, this extension offers reassurance and confidence in the investment made in PERMASIL PLUS™.

Whether facing harsh sunlight, heavy rainfall, or fluctuating temperatures, property owners can trust that this silicone roof coating will continue to safeguard their roofs and extend the lifespan of their structures.

For contractors and roofing professionals, the extended warranty on PERMASIL PLUS™ presents a compelling selling point. It enables them to offer clients an even greater value proposition, emphasizing the long-term benefits and cost savings associated with choosing a premium silicone roof coating backed by a 12-year warranty. You can review a Silicone Application Video or check out the silicone roof coating web page right here for more information or to get a free material estimate today!