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We have all seen the devastation storms today can bring with them, sometimes leveling the town without notice, other times, it does just enough to damage your property and deplete the resources to fix or repair anything for an extended period of time.  As severe storms and hurricanes have become more prevalent, the need for a quick and lasting repair to the damaged and leaking roofs is a necessity! LIQUI-TARP® is an easy to use and easy to apply coating that will secure, protect, waterproof and seal damaged roofs. Contractors and insurance companies do not have the manpower to provide prompt, efficient relief and protection from further damage to storm victims. This is where Liqui-Tarp is a dependable solution!

Liqui-Tarp is the ultimate in temporary protection, designed to be a quickly deployed protective sealer coating for storm damaged roofs. It works on most any roof surface, it has superior bonding and adhesion along with excellent waterproofing properties to help prevent future damage.

LIQUI-TARP® is a value engineered product that is more economical than the current tarping procedures used for storm damage protection. This product was developed to quickly, effectively and temporarily seal storm damaged roof surfaces until a more permanent roof restoration can be accomplished. LIQUI-TARP® can last years if necessary while waiting for repairs.  This is a waterborne eco-friendly product and meant to be used in any environment, anywhere in the world. Be Prepared for the storm, get LIQUI-TARP®!