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Nationwide Protective Coatings is best known for producing our Space Age Ceramic Filled Paints and Elastomeric Coatings. We do provide additional products to take care of most structures and other issues within them that may arise. Leaky, damp and wet basements tend to make themselves known amid the summer rainy seasons and freeze/thaw cycles in the winter that take place. If you have gone into your basement recently to discover some moisture present, on the walls or floors, a masonry waterproofing coating may be needed to hold back hydrostatic pressure.

If this is the case, Nationwide Protective Coatings has a BRAND NEW SOLUTION, our ALL NEW Basement Sealer and Basement Sealer Plus has the ability to resist from 10lbs – 15lbs of negative or positive hydrostatic pressure, the equivalent of a 22-33 foot high wall of water. Basement Sealer and Basement Sealer Plus are available in white as well as a clear finish to preserve the natural look if desired. These products have been developed with waterproofing resin modified with flexible encapsulated polymers which penetrate into the masonry for the ultimate in waterproofing protection. This new technology has excellent penetration on porous surfaces, it will also reduce penetration by radon gas. Basement Sealer and Basement Sealer Plus is formulated with an environmentally friendly biocide to reduce mildew growth. These coatings have been ASTM tested and adhere to the D-7088 Resistance to Hydrostatic Pressure as well as the D-6904 Resistance to Wind Driven Rain.

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These All New Products from Nationwide Protective Coatings provide commercial and industrial size solutions to moisture control issues. These cementitious waterproofing coatings have been tested to perform and are ideal for interior or exterior use, as well as above and below grade masonry walls and floors. Basement Sealer and Basement Sealer Plus can be applied as a finish coat or be top coated with one of our Paints or Elastomeric Coatings to form a complete waterproofing system.