What are the differences between Roof Coatings and Roof Paints?

Many folks feel that a white roof coating is simply white paint. Stop right there; roof coatings are significantly different than your typical house paint. White paint does not have the strength, durability, reflectivity, waterproofing, longevity, mildew resistance and protection of an elastomeric ceramic roof coating. Traditional paints would have a tough time handling the elements on a roof. You would have a white paint fail with cracking, chipping and peeling usually occurring within the first year.

White Roof Coatings are specially formulated with highly reflective pigments and additives to ensure the sun's heat and UV absorption is limited. We infuse our coatings with a proprietary blend of ceramics including 3M ceramic spheres to provide the best energy efficient coating available that will dissipate as much heat as possible from entering the structure. The intense heat and UV a roof is subject too can be immense, a proper roof coating can extend the life and performance of most roofs, protecting the roof surface from the most degrading elements. Elastomeric resins form a coating that will withstand Thermal Shock with varying temperatures either daily or seasonally. These Elastomeric resins allow for expansion and contraction with very high elongation properties.  

We put more of the good stuff into our coatings and back them with an available industry leading transferable warranty. Give us a call, we answer the phone! If you would like to discuss your next roof project, please reach out directly as we are always here to help!