Ultra Free Matte Bucket - Nationwide Protective Coatings

Ultra Free™ Matte - Protective Waterproofing Wall Coating

ULTRA FREE™ MATTE is a Zero V.O.C., bright white, matte finish, ELASTOMERIC acrylic, insulating ceramic, protective waterproofing wall coating. An ELASTOMERIC acrylic, latex based, high build formula that provides waterproofing, insulating, and soundproofing performance in a beautiful protective finish. Innovative ELASTOMERIC resin technology results in an extremely durable, waterproofing elastic film that has excellent resistance to thermal shock by expanding and contracting with hot and cold temperatures, but also has good impact resistance and excellent chemical resistance. When applied according to specifications, ULTRA FREE™ MATTE offers a 20 year limited material warranty.

Spread Rate: 100-175 Square Feet Per Gallon

25 year limited material warranty

  • Additional Tech Data:

  • Solids by Weight: 59%
  • Weight per Gallon: 12.2 lbs.
  • Product Numbers and Information

  • #2726-1 (1 Gallon)
  • #2726-5 (5 Gallon)
  • #2726-55 (55 Gallon)

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